List creation – main page

A LISTSERV list can be created for official College business such as courses, departments, committees and officially sanctioned student clubs and organizations. In order to request that a list be created, you must be affiliated with the College at Oneonta.

  1. Choose a name for your list (LINGUISTICS-DEPT, XYZ-L, etc.)

    The name should be descriptive, but specific. Many lists have a name ending in -L, as a convention, but this is not a requirement. Do not include a hostname (@XYZ.COM) in the list name.

    List name:

    IMPORTANT: You cannot use special characters or spaces as part of list names. Please use ONLY alpha-numeric characters along with hyphens, if needed.

  2. Enter a short "title" for your list

    The title should be a short description of the purpose of your list, and must fit on one line. A good title could be "Oneonta State Athletes" or "English 205 Class List".

    List title:

  3. Set listserv subscription type

    Open: Any one may subscribe themselves to the list
    By Owner: All subscription requests are forward to the list owner
    Closed: No person is allowed to subscribe themselves or request a subscription

  4. Create an archive for your list

    An archive is a record of every message sent to your list which can be reviewed at anytime by following the links on LISTSERVS main menu. Even though Oneonta does not publicize the names of existing lists, these archives are PUBLIC and anyone who knows the name of one of these lists can view it's archive if one exists. If you are sending sensitive information, do not choose to create an archive.

    Create archive:   Yes     No
  5. Enter list owner's name and e-mail address
    Name: (John D. Smith)
    E-mail: (


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